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Interpretation Service Available in Guardianship Board

In the course of guardianship processing, the public and Guardianship Board (GB) staff may need interpretation service to facilitate communication. Both the public and GB staff may request the Secretariat to arrange interpretation service related to GB services. Interpretation service can be arranged in advance by schedule or on ad hoc basis, whichever appropriate, to facilitate the communication between public and GB staff.

In addition to interpretation service, standard response cue card is designed for enhancing communication with public. This material is available in Chinese, English and also 8 other languages for people of different races (Bahasa Indonesia, Nepali, Urdu, Punjabi, Tagalog, Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese). Public can indicate to GB staff their own languages by referring to the home countries flags / sign language poster shown.

Please click here to view the enlarged "standard response cue card".