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The Guardianship Board has power to make an Emergency Guardianship Order where it has reason to believe that:

  1. a person concerned is in danger, or is being, or likely to be, maltreated or exploited;
  2. the person concerned is incapable of making reasonable decisions in relation to his personal circumstances; and
  3. it is necessary to make immediate provision to protect him.

Emergency Guardianship Order is widely recognized as an effective intervention on financial abuse or exploitation or other forms of abuse including self-neglect.

For an emergency application, the applicant must first or simultaneously file an application for normal Guardianship Order. Regarding normal application for Guardianship. You may visit Apply for Guardianship of this website.

To proceed with, the applicant must file with us an application in Form 4 with supporting documents.

The Board will organize an emergency hearing as soon as possible once sufficient information are gathered.

Urgent medical treatment does NOT need an Emergency Guardianship Order because doctor can proceed to treat on reliance of Part IVC of Mental Health Ordinance.

To apply an Emergency Guardianship Order during office hours of Monday to Friday, you can contact the Guardianship Board Secretariat for details.